Thursday, 28 September 2017

Quilled Stag!!

Hi There.

       Let's have a quick post on the quilled stag I made last year!! I liked the way quilling brought out the muscularity of the stag!! Have used 3 mm strips for both stag and the grass. Have you noticed those tiny flowers! They definitely added some color to the frame! Don't you agree!

       Just to get a grass effect, I have sponge painted green acrylic as grass bed!! While framing this work, I wanted a rustic look for the finished product. So used some old twigs and a jute twine to make a frame and covered the work with transparent plastic sheet to avoid dust!

Have hanged the work with same twine on a wall. In love with the rustic look! Have a great week guys!


Thursday, 24 August 2017

One year of blogging!!!

Hello all,

         Today I have turned one as a blogger. Yayyyy :-) Still remember the hesitation I had before starting this blog! After a much needed push from friends, this blog was born. I am very happy with the blogging journey so far! Very recently Cecelia from Paper Zen( A biiiiiggggg fan of her work. She has  3 published books on quilling to her credit) gave great feedback for my Quilled Peacock. I am on cloud nine:-) :-)

         For today's post, I made this Quilled monogram to celebrate the 1st anniversary !! It was long pending to make an attempt at Quillography( For those of you wondering about the word..its nothing but Quilled calligraphy). Loved the way things turned out!! Much needed boost to start a bit tougher calligraphy styles!

Used 5 mm and 3 mm strips for this work! The size of it is 4.5*3.5 ''(in Inches).

A little crown too :-)
         Don't you love the blue flower ? Made it by cutting 3 mm strips length wise into two 1.5 mm strips. It's really amazing to work with thinner strips. Thinner strips gives us the flexibility to make petals near to life like ! Let me know what you think of this work!

Have a great weekend and Happy Ganesh Chaturthi in advance!!


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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Quilled Rajasthani lady!!

Hello all,

       It's been a month since my last post! For today's post, it is going to be beautiful Quilled Rajasthani lady. Ever since I got enough confidence in doing big works(yes...A4 size is big enough for me), wanted to do a Rajasthani lady carrying those water pots on her head walking in dessert. It's a tough job for them but the sight of ladies wearing most beautiful and colorful dresses is just great.. Took a pencil sketch as an inspiration and then started one of the trickiest works of mine !

       Yeah I say tricky because getting the effect of lehenga's frills was a bit tough! But not as tough as I thought it would be. Well! as they say, you never know what you are capable of until you try ☺ Only 3 mm strips were used for the work. I love working with thinner strips. Yet to try with 2 mm though!

       Here comes the colorful lady! Loved absolutely the way her lehenga with the border turned out. For the desert, have glued real sand as dunes.
Part of daily chores!

Don't you love the border design!!!

Closer look for details!!

       I proudly say this is my best work so far! What do you guys think! Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Have a happy weekend!!


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Friday, 26 May 2017

Mighty Monarch Butterfly!!

Hi all,

Today's post, we are going to see quilled version of the mighty Monarch Butterfly! All of us would have definitely seen these colorful beauties once in our lives. Haven't we!!

For my quilled version, I have taken a drawing of the butterfly as reference and the results came out very nice! Why wouldn't it. Classic orange and Black combination makes wonders right!!

All set to fly high  !!
Before framing it, I used to arrange the butterfly in random places like among the flowers in flower vases, stick it to the weight of a wind chime. That was fun as it looked like a real butterfly was visiting home!(Dint have any pictures though).

Framed ..Safe and sound!!
Hope you liked it too!! Feel free post your comments!

Have a happy weekend.


Friday, 5 May 2017

Quilled Gerberas !!

Hi guys,

       How are you coping up with this scorching summer!! Pretty bad summer..Isn't it?

       Today I am going to bring my quilled Gerberas to all of you! All of us would have seen these flowers at least once in any wedding decorations but not sure of its name( Okay..Some of us dint know;-)). Here they are. Gerberas, Quilled version of those beauties!!

Beauty in Red!!

       In my journey of quilling, I have come across many artists (In this wide space of internet) who craft wonderful creations using Quilling. One such lady is Manuela. She is known for her life like creations of almost any flower the nature could come up with!! I first saw her Quilled Gerbera and was awestruck! Check out her blog!! For sure you will become a great fan of Quilling :-) :-) Her works are inspiration to some of my creations!!

Have a happy weekend!!