Thursday, 22 February 2018

Quilled Name plate!

Hello all,

         Today's post is about a name plate I have made to gift my dear uncle! When you started making handmade gifts, you don't feel comfortable buying gifts from a store. You jump right in to the opportunity to make a personalized gift to your dear ones. This is what happened when my uncle retired from work and I wanted to give him a quilled name plate with his family name!

         This is an attempt of quilled typography. Loved the way how it turned out!! Have used 5 mm and 3 mm strips to work on this.

So colorful!!
Weekend is almost here. Have a great weekend!! Looking forward to your comments!


Friday, 29 December 2017

My first quilled portrait!!

Hi all,

      It's already last working day of 2017!! All excited for 2018 right! Well...Wish you all a very happy  and peaceful new year!!

      For today's post, it is going to be the first quilled portrait I made of my close friend's son!! The idea about this started two years ago..definitely not by me..It's she who came up with this idea of making her son's picture with quilling!! I was terrified of the thought because was not sure how to capture the eyes and expressions of human face with quilling!! So conveniently kept the thought aside :-)( Easy job right ;-) )

Happy and smiling kiddo :-)
      One day when had enough courage to give it a try, it all started!! It definitely took more time than any of my other projects till date! Started with eyes first.. Happy that they didn't turn out angry eyes (which is usually the case when I draw ;-) )  and then comes the smiling face ! Had to rework few times to achieve the expression! Very happy with the way whole thing turned out! My friend was very happy with it too .. Happy me :-) :-)

Next to the original picture!!
I should try another portrait in 2018! Let me know what do you think of this work!!

Have a happy weekend and a very happy new year!!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Table centerpiece with quilled flowers!!

Hello all,

It's been ages I have visited this place :-( My bad!

        For today's post, I am going to show you guys how a simple cardboard box turned into a table centerpiece with little bit of DIY and quilling! Inspired from pinterest,  always wanted to make a centerpiece for dining table. Once I found the cardboard box, jumped on to the job at hand. Have glued the jute twine to the cardboard with hot glue gun. It's time to add bit of color. There enters quilling. Made three simple flowers and some leaves. Made an arrangment on one side of the box. Tadaaa.. my centerpiece is ready. Loved the way those flowers sit against the rustic jute backdrop!!

Rustic beauty!!
        My actual plan is to make some yarn balls of different colors( that's another DIY) and arrange them with some serial lights in the box! For now the box is ready and waiting for me to make the yarn balls(Lazy me!!)

        How do you like the idea of converting a boring cardboard box into a decorative piece.  Let me know what you think!!Have a great week !!

With love,

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Quilled Stag!!

Hi There.

       Let's have a quick post on the quilled stag I made last year!! I liked the way quilling brought out the muscularity of the stag!! Have used 3 mm strips for both stag and the grass. Have you noticed those tiny flowers! They definitely added some color to the frame! Don't you agree!

       Just to get a grass effect, I have sponge painted green acrylic as grass bed!! While framing this work, I wanted a rustic look for the finished product. So used some old twigs and a jute twine to make a frame and covered the work with transparent plastic sheet to avoid dust!

Have hanged the work with same twine on a wall. In love with the rustic look! Have a great week guys!


Thursday, 24 August 2017

One year of blogging!!!

Hello all,

         Today I have turned one as a blogger. Yayyyy :-) Still remember the hesitation I had before starting this blog! After a much needed push from friends, this blog was born. I am very happy with the blogging journey so far! Very recently Cecelia from Paper Zen( A biiiiiggggg fan of her work. She has  3 published books on quilling to her credit) gave great feedback for my Quilled Peacock. I am on cloud nine:-) :-)

         For today's post, I made this Quilled monogram to celebrate the 1st anniversary !! It was long pending to make an attempt at Quillography( For those of you wondering about the word..its nothing but Quilled calligraphy). Loved the way things turned out!! Much needed boost to start a bit tougher calligraphy styles!

Used 5 mm and 3 mm strips for this work! The size of it is 4.5*3.5 ''(in Inches).

A little crown too :-)
         Don't you love the blue flower ? Made it by cutting 3 mm strips length wise into two 1.5 mm strips. It's really amazing to work with thinner strips. Thinner strips gives us the flexibility to make petals near to life like ! Let me know what you think of this work!

Have a great weekend and Happy Ganesh Chaturthi in advance!!


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